Baabdat Family Trees - Baabdat - The geography of Baabdat

Before World War I, Baabdat didn't witness any estivation in general but some Baabdatis living in Egypt or Beirut came in the summer season. Before 1938, it didn't even have a municipality taking care of that sector. However, the housing, health and building development made it one of the first estivation villages since 1950.

The reason of the estivation development in Baabdat goes to many important factors including:

  1. The hospitality
  2. The healthy climate of Baabdat
  3. Its calmness in general
  4. Its civilized and high society people
  5. The provision of the needs and services for the summer visitors
  6. The Maten Highway that directly linked Baabdat within a few minutes to the Lebanese coast