Baabdat Family Trees - Baabdat - The geography of Baabdat

The location and topography of Baabdat
Baabdat is located in the center of Lebanon in the northern Maten province as an average of 800 meters above sea level and around 22 kilometers away from the eastern part of the capital Beirut. It is formed of small hills and downhills whose topographic relieves vary between 400 meters at the southern border at the Jaamany river floor (a branch of the Beirut River) and 1200 meters at the northern border.

The surface of Baabdat
The approximate surface of Baabdat is 5 123 808 square meters.

The soil, rocks and woodlands of Baabdat
The soil of Baabdat is red and dark and the rocks are calcareous, solid and appropriate for construction. There are sandy soil appropriate for planting trees. The soil of Baabdat is covered with pine and oak trees…

The climate of Baabdat
Baabdat has a Mediterranean mountain weather that is relatively mild and a healthy dry wind. The temperatures vary between 10 degrees in the winter and 30 in the summer.

Water resources
There are many springs in Baabdat. The most important is the Aaraar spring that provided 85% of the irrigation water and its amount varied between 100 and 300 cubic meters per day. The spring is divided into three parts that are Kissmallah, Behsasah and Qabu. Its advantages are big and it always satisfied domestic, agricultural and industrial needs and silk factories. It has a special distribution system counting on the number of males in the principal families and the means of living within a specific household. There are other springs such as Ain al-Daia, Ain al-Jura, Ain al-Hakla, Nabeh el-Fuwar, Ain Beit Ghandour and Ain Asfeyla but they have run dry and their use decreased.